A passionate future... 

Since leaving her abusive husband, stunning twenty-nine-year-old Jade Winters has focused on her career as the owner and instructor at a small dance school in downtown Chicago. She's also vowed to avoid men--until handsome ad exec Noel Merson walks into her studio, and her life. From a lunch date to a summer spent falling in love, Jade and Noel enjoy a passionate connection beyond their greatest expectations, even as they each struggle to overcome past wounds. But for Jade, the summer is also filled with strange events, unsettling dreams, and most disturbing of all, the sensation of being watched. 

... A perilous past 

When Jade's husband. Peter, reappears, and then Noel is attacked by an unknown assailant in a jealous rage, the mystery seems solved -- and Jade's new relationship seems over. But after speaking to Peter, Jade is convinced that he is not responsible. Now all she has to do is find out who is. The answer may save her love -- and her life.